Majestic Woods Swissies

Held Forever In Our Hearts

CH Rivendell’s Zen Master Ginger Ale CD DD CGC RA (Bosco) 5/24/2008 – 6/28/2019
There is a rare time when a dog steals your heart unlike no other. For us, that was Bosco. Not only was he our first Swissy but he changed the whole trajectory of our lives. He is the reason we fell in love with this wonderful breed and now breed GSMD’s. When he was very young, he had so many digestive issues. His discomfort led us to find a diet he could thrive on; what all dogs could thrive on; a balanced raw food diet. He is the reason we own and operate a raw dog food company. It is because of him that we have helped many dogs turn around health issues with a simple diet change. We are so grateful for the wonderful 11 years we had with him. He has filled our hearts with so much love and joy. His legacy will live on through his offspring, and through all our customers dogs who are thriving. He will be forever in our thoughts and hearts. Thank you Robin Ney for the best dog ever!