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We got our first Swissie, Bosco, in 2008 from Robin Ney of Rivendell GSMD. Of course Bosco’s charming personality made us fall in love with the breed and we knew one Swissie wasn’t enough. We then got our first female, Coco from Cathy Cooper of Shadetree GSMD. That is when we decided to enter the breeding world and we never looked back. The joy of raising a litter is undescribable. In the short time we have been breeding, we have built so many wonderful friendships within the Swissie community and with our puppy buyers. Our dogs live in our home and we raise all of our litters in our family room. We strive to breed the best health and temperaments that we can and to preserve the working nature of the breed. Our dogs participate in many of the working activities including obedience, rally, drafting and backpacking.